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Cleaning Done Right Ministries is proud to offer the use of eco-friendly products, however, these services will incur an extra fee. In addition to using eco-friendly products, we will use a bagless vacuum to keep from dust and allergens being trapped inside the vacuum bag. We also use standard household cleaning supplies and at the request of the client, we will use your personal cleaners if you have specific cleaners you want used in your home or business.

We offer standard cleaning in all rooms, standard cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms as well. We offer specialty cleaning services that is not included in our standard cleaning services that will incur and extra fee. In addition, when cleaning in a multi-story home, rails and balustrades will incur an extra fee as well.

We also offer special occasion cleaning! Examples: Spring cleaning, holiday cleaning, new baby arrival, move in/move out cleaning.

Info About Cleaning:

Standard Cleaning in All Rooms!

Picture frames, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, shelves, vacuum carpets and empty trash cans

Appliances, countertops, cabinets, tables and chairs, microwave (outside only), range tops, refrigerator (outside only), sweep and mop floor, and empty trash

Mirrors, toilets, shower and tub, sinks, sweep and mop floor, empty trash.

Extra Fees Are Applied with:

Oven (deep clean inside), refrigerator (deep clean inside), microwave (deep clean inside) baseboards, blinds, windows that require extensive cleaning, vent cleaning

Services for Commercial Cleaning are as follows:

Dusting, vacuum floors, empty trash, clean and sanitize bathrooms, clean and sanitize all eating areas

Personal Coaching Plans consists of three paid sessions at a minimum price of $37.50. (at clients request only) These sessions are one-on-one and are designed to help the client stay abreast of tough or hard to clean areas in their home. Commercial and Industrial cleaning services do not need to set up a Personal Coaching Plan.

Wash dishes, do laundry, any lawn work, clean garages, walk pets, clean up pet waste, or shampoo carpets.

  • Kitchen $75 or more
  • Full bath $45 or more
  • Half bath $20 or more
  • Bedroom $40 average
  • Living Room $65 average
  • Other Common Rooms $35 average
  • Home Office $25 average
  • Hall/ Stairs $50 average
  • Windows (spot clean inside) $10 per window
  • Commercial and Industrial cleaning (call for pricing)
  • Whole house cleaning based on square footage:
    • 0-1500 sq.ft. ($3000)
    • 1501-2300 sq.ft. ($4000)
    • 2301+ sq.ft. ($6000)
  • Personal Coaching Plans (3 sessions at $37.50)
  • Policies and Procedures

    We value you as a customer and we are honored that you chose us to professionally clean your home or business however, there are some very important policies and procedures that must be adhered to.


    Our website is public and each client or person affiliated with Cleaning Done Right Ministries must give permission to have pictures published as well as names. A consent form must be filled out and/or verbal permission must be given to the Owner or the Administrative Secretary before pictures, names or testimonials are placed on our website. You as the client will have your personal information protected and it will be confidential. No one employed with Cleaning Done Right Ministries will share any personal information about our clients or our staff. If so, dismissal from the company will be effective immediately! Background checks will be at the cost of the employee.


    Cleaning Done Right Ministries will only receive payments for services in the forms of cash, credit card, debit card, or PayPal.. We reserve the right to not accept personal checks.


    As we enter your residence to render services, the staff and I ask that you safely secure all pets for the safety of our staff and your family pet. Please let us know if you have antiques and valuable items in your home. To clean these items an extra fee will incur. Any deep cleaning or specialty cleaning will incur an extra fee as well. (as stated under the services tab) Please be sure to remove all clutter and children’s toys prior to staff arriving to give you excellent service. We want to ensure the safety of our staff. Please be aware of what we do not offer as a service at this time when you’re completing your customized cleaning plan.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sharyla Bell (919) 928-2603.

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